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# Real Questions Fake Patients
**Maintainer**: Justus Taeger
**Function**: Creates 3 fake_patient csv files for testing.
**1**: An input will ask you to decide between 1 and 10 possible diseases:
"Heart Disease",
A random selection of these diseases will be picked. Depending on the number selected.
**2**: An input will ask you to decide how many patients you want to create
**3**: 3 Csv Files will be created:
1. disease.csv (cartesian product, of all possible disease and a diagnosis_id)
(Disease A, Disease B, Diagnosis_ID
1 1 0
1 0 1
0 1 2
0 0 3)
1. patient.csv (List of 'Patient_Id', 'Age', 'Height', 'Weight', 'BMI', 'Gender', 'Diagnose_ID')
1. city_doctor.csv (list of 'Patient_Id', 'City', 'Doctor')
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